The Story Of Jazzy's Bubbles & Fizz

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Jazzy's Bubbles & Fizz started out from watching a video on YouTube of someone making DIY bath bombs and candles from the moment I watched that video I had a spark of creativity flare up inside me. 

I soon found myself in the deep hole of the internet having watched hours of videos and hundreds of screenshots later I found myself dreaming of starting my own business but always had a voice in the back of my mind telling me "no way, you can't do it, what if you fail?"

A vital part of my journey to starting this business was my friend Dinah, she was in my corner from the moment I mentioned the idea and was also looking online and coming up with so many ideas with me, hours would pass us by while we were caught up in our creativity bubble.

I would not have taken the plunge if it wasn't for her encouragement and support - thank you Dinah ♡

After months of research and talking about doing it I finally did it, in April 2018 I made my business page Jazzy's Bubbles & Fizz.

The name Jazzy's Bubbles & Fizz is a way to honour my Pop who passed away a couple of years ago, his nickname for me was bubbles because I couldn't pronounce the word bubbles when I was little and wanted a bubble bath, so you could say I've had a thing for bath and body products my whole life.

This business has been an escape from my anxiety and the pain of losing my Pop then not long after also losing my Grandpa, it helps having something to keep my mind busy.

I made my very first product in April not long after launching my business page on Facebook, it was a jar of strawberry bath salts, I was so proud of myself.

Then came the bath bombs, at first I ordered a bath bomb kit to see if I could even make them and low and behold I did it! Given they weren't the prettiest bath bombs I'd ever seen and definitely didn't colour the water but they floated and spun!

From there I built my own recipe with many tweaks along the way, I now have beautiful performing bath bombs that I am super proud of!

Some of my bombs are hand painted which is time consuming but so worth it once I see the end result.

I run my business from my dining room in my house which can be challenging as I don't have a large set up or a lot of space but I make do with what I have.

Not only do I run my business but I also work retail which can sometimes be hard to juggle but I'm making it work.

Never did I think that my Facebook page would blossom to Instagram, markets and now a website as well, my growth has been very slow and still is but that won't stop me from continuing my journey.

I absolutely love my beautiful customers and have made some wonderful friendships with some of my customers which has been amazing. ♡


Hopefully this blog post has given you a little insight into the story behind Jazzy's Bubbles & Fizz.

Thank you for taking the time to read. ♡ Jazzy


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