Bath Bomb Ingredient Spotlight - Part Three

Posted by Jasmine Ash on

I thought it would be helpful if I release a series of blogs explaining why we use particular ingredients and what benefits they add to our bath bombs.

Today's spotlight ingredient is Cream of Tartar. 

Cream of Tartar is a white powdery substance that is slightly acidic. This powder is created when grapes are fermented. So, Cream of Tartar begins it's formation inside the barrels when wine is made.

When added to water Cream of Tartar gives it a silky soft feeling and can also aid in creating frothy bubbles.

We mainly use Cream of Tartar in our bath bombs to help them harden when setting so that they are less likely to break.

I hope that you enjoy learning about each ingredient we use in our bath bombs.

♡ Jazzy


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